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About Us

We operate from our office and warehouse in the city of Santa Ana, in Southern California, U.S.A

Andrew Hoang

Andrew V. Hoang

CEO, President

Andrew Hoang was born in Vietnam to parents that taught him the importance of kindness, ethics and hard work. This equipped him to dream large as soon as he moved to the United States in 1990. In his early years in the U.S., he was relentless in his pursuit of business opportunities, that he succeeded creating a vast network of business ties, not only in the American-Vietnamese community, as well as with other major ethnic groups such as the Korean- American and the Filipino - American  communities in Southern California, which successfully extends towards the East Coast of the United States. His heart for charity and philanthropy endeared him to the various Chambers of Commerce within Orange County in California and allowed him to help smaller businesses rise, after he established his Alka Gluta, LLC in 2016 ( which was a huge success due to the regenerative and healing qualities of his U.S.A made - Alka Gluta supplements. He eventually established the Alka Market Place ( and the Health Guardian Products, Inc. ( Andrew lives in Orange County, California today, and is a proud father of two, reveling in his son's and daughter's achievements at their young age. He retains his great ties to Vietnam with various manufacturers and has successfully  enlisted his own company Alka Gluta, Vietnam as a major manufacturer for the much needed, 4 ply masks for a wider international clientele, that meets the current standards that has been set, also obtaining the FDA approval for a manufacturer located outside of the United States.

Contact Us:

714-714- 0872


2770 S. Harbor Blvd. Suite C, Santa Ana, CA. 92702, U.S.A

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